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Character of the Month:
Donkey Kong.
The monkey that started it all...

No, this is not a misprint, Donkey Kong really does beat Mario when it comes to Character of the Month. Why? Simply because he started Super Mario.

Article: Donkey Kong

external image 250px-DonkeyKongMP7.jpgDonkey Kong.
Donkey Kong is a fictional ape who first appeared in Nintendo's popular 1981 video game "Donkey Kong". Donkey Kong, along with two other characters, was created by game designer Shigeru Miyamoto, as an original property of Nintendo once their licensing of Popeye fell through. The three characters were supposed to mirror the love triangle that exists in the Popeye comics. Donkey Kong was cast as the antagonist, with the creator explaining that a gorilla is not "too evil or repulsive". Miyamoto believed "donkey" meant "stupid" in English, and assumed the name Donkey Kong would convey the sense "stupid ape" to an American audience. When he suggested this name to Nintendo of America, he was laughed at, but the name stuck.

Article:WARIO The greedy guy. the fat one......the...AWSOME ONE!!!!!! Wario is the master of disguise! he is also the master of money! No one is greedier than him! wario is the total oppisite of mario, he is like a clone, but evil.Hes not that smart but when someone needs some muscle, he's on the case.(if he gets a good pay for it)In my opinion, wario is the best character, hes better than mario! They have made a cartoon of mario, but why can't they put wario in as a special villian or something!?'s of the Month:
Quote's of the month:
"I'm a Luigi, a number one!" Mario Kart 64
"I'm a Wario, i'm a gonna win!"Mario Kart 64
Luigi in Mario Kart 64.
Luigi in Mario Kart 64.

Game of the Month: Super Mario 64

external image Super%20Mario%2064%20-%20Cart.JPG

Super Mario 64 is the first (3D) platform game in the Mario series, and it established a new archetype for the genre, much as "Super Mario Bros." did for (2D) sidescrolling platformers. Hailed as "revolutionary", the game left a lasting impression on 3D game design, particularly notable for its use of a dynamic camera system and the implementation of its analog control.
By going from two to three dimensions, Super Mario 64 placed an emphasis on exploration within vast worlds in which the player must complete multiple and diverse missions, replacing the linear obstacle courses of traditional platform games. While doing so, it managed to preserve many gameplay elements and characters of earlier Mario games. It is acclaimed by many critics and fans as one of the greatest and most revolutionary video games of all time.